Scandomando came together to satisfy the five members' mighty appetites for creating music that gets folk dancing and having a good old time.

We love to put our own slant on the songs we grew up listening to, from the 1930s country blues of Leadbelly to 80s pop and ska, with some old punk and new wave thrown in.

With a mandolin, cajon, bass ukulele, and baritone ukulele and  fiddle our goal has always been to generate energy and noise outside of the standard six string format. We have played festivals and parties across Sussex and have established ourselves on the pub and club circuit. We can often be seen tearing it up with our tiny instruments busking on the streets of Brighton playing our own brand of shonkytonk rock!

We have a wealth of varied performance experience that guarantees a confident show full of skill, passion, and a bit of oomph. Most of all, we love what we do and we’re great at whipping up a crowd and getting them to the floor.

Whether playing a festival, a dive bar, or Brighton seafront in the rain, the Scando ethic has always been to entertain and get people cutting some rug.