Bea Everett

Bea Everett



Since childhood I have been passionately involved with all sorts of music and performace based projects and activities. I did a lot of musical theatre growing up, which I think helped me to avoid the stage fright curveball that so many musicians suffer from... not to say I dont get nervous! I've been playing at the same local venue for 10 years and I still get the jitters before each performance. James (fiancé) says it means I'm alive... good!

I began playing the guitar when I was about 10, and at 12 started to write my own songs, piecing together my love for singing and poetry. Words are very important to me. I learnt early on that I was able to communicate almost exactly how I was feeling using language and tone, and at the same time as being communication to others, it became my self-therapy.

In terms of the sound I have developed, I would say my main influences are singer-songwriters such as KT Tunstall, Norah Jones, Katie Melua, Joni Mitchell, and a handful of other musicians and writers I have met along my journey.

In 2015 I completed my BA Hons in Professional Musicianship (Songwriting) at BIMM Brighton. BIMM taught me a few things. One of which was that I don't want to immerse myself in the music industry the way I've been persistently advised to. I dont want to hunt for fame and recognition, nor am I seeking out recording or publishing deals. My arms are always open to new opportunities, and the best ones seem to come naturally and out of the blue, regardless of what I search for.

I have released an EP called "The Woods" which is available to buy and stream online in various places such as iTunes, SoundCloud, YouTube and Google Play.

Aside from music, my primary passion/value is self-love through natural nurture. James and I have been researching the lost secrets of natural food and uncompromising herbal healing methods. You can find out more about what we're doing on our website


Bea Everett- Free Fallin' (Cover)